Special functions

The strip profile for concrete

The profile of the SWEGRIP® strip resembles a champagne cork with a hollow core separated by a partition wall.

The hollow core and wood fiber content prevents the material from tearing when penetrated by a screw or a nail.

The bottom of the ‘cork’ is the face of the strip. It should be aligned with the concrete surface and is the area where the screws are mounted when anchoring something to the strip.

The narrow waist of the strip provides maximum embedment in the surrounding material. The width and depth is approximately 35 mm.

The material

SWEGRIP® strips consist of a composite of recycled plastic fibers and wood fibers from cutter shavings. By using recycled plastic, the product is cheaper and also helps reduce the world’s plastic build-up.

Green products for sustainable buildings

SWEGRIP® products make a difference for our environment.

Our manufacturing partner provides the highest quality products in this field in Sweden, as we are determined to produce environmentally friendly products while maintaining our high quality standard.

How to use GRIPCON® Strips

Place the SWEGRIP® strips with the logo side toward the mold frame wall. Screwing the strips in place through the mold frame is a good way of securing the strips. They may also be fastened with a hot-melt adhesive or other suitable methods. However, it is important that the strips are securely fastened to the mold frame before adding the embedment material.

No special tools required

No special tools are required when fitting the strips to your preferred size. Standard tools for woodworking are sufficient, as cutting and drilling into the strips is easy.

Commercial applications

We provide sustainable building material solutions within concrete embedment stripes to commercial, residential, industrial, public buildings and infrastructure to companies and institutions in the civil engineering, construction and the property development sector.


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