Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy

We protect your privacy and therefore we are keen to protect the personal data we have about you. All processing of your personal data takes place in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our policy describes which rights you have and how you can assert them.

What is personal data?

Personal data means any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a person. Examples of personal data are: name, address, telephone number and social security number. Even encrypted data and various types of electronic identities (e.g. IP numbers) are personal data if they can be linked to a person. Some common examples are: to collect personal data, to register and organize them in a customer register when you contact us for a quote, to store them in e.g. IT systems, to transfer them to someone else and to delete them.

Why do we collect data?
Manage the quote request

When you contact us to get a quote, we save your contact details to be able to respond to your request. We also forward drawings to our subcontractors where your name appears.

Manage order

In addition to your data being used to manage your order, the data can be used to inform you about what is going on and to answer questions you ask us.

Who is the personal data collected from?

The personal data is collected directly from you when you contact us. The personal data can also be collected from the state’s personal address register to ensure that we have the correct information for you, e.g. if you move.

Who is the personal data shared with?

Your personal data is shared with various partners such as e.g. subcontractors of services and with our accountants, our and your bank and suppliers of our IT systems that we need for our business.

Legal basis for processing personal data

Your personal data is saved while you have an order with a warranty period and for our accounting. We save your personal data during the warranty period, so you can contact us if something is wrong.

We save your data that is needed for our accounting (for example all orders, invoices and payments) and tax documents. By law, this data must be saved for seven years. In order not to process personal data unnecessarily and without reason, we regularly delete that personal data
which is no longer needed. The data is deleted according to the above criteria.

When your personal data is processed by us, you have the following rights

You have the right to know which personal data we process about you and can ask us for a copy of this.
You have the right to have incorrect personal data corrected.
You have the right to ask us to delete your personal data (e.g. if we have no reason to process it or if you no longer consent). Even if you ask us to delete your personal data, we may sometimes need to save certain personal data, e.g. when the law requires us to do so or if the processing is required to defend or assert our legal interests.
You have the right to object to certain processing of your personal data and request that the processing of your personal data be restricted, for example while waiting for incorrect data to be checked and possibly corrected. Note that a restriction or deletion of your personal data may mean that we are unable to fulfill our obligations towards you.
You have the right to obtain your personal data in a machine-readable format and transfer them to another personal data controller, so-called data portability. This only applies to personal data that you yourself have given us, which is processed automatically by us and which we process to keep what we promised in the agreement with you or because you agreed.
You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time for processing that we do because you approved it.
It is important to know that, if you withdraw a consent, it only applies going forward and not for treatment that has already been done.

Our obligations

Our obligations are to be responsible for how your personal data is processed and to decide for what purposes the data is to be used.

Contact details if you have questions or want to exercise your rights

If you have questions about how we process your personal data or if you want to use the rights you have when we process your personal data, please contact us by e-mail:

Security measures

Your personal data is processed in accordance with the law and in a secure manner. Procedures are in place to protect your personal data and safeguard your privacy. For example, we only process such personal data as we really need and are careful to delete personal data when they are no longer needed. The systems used to process personal data are continuously updated so that they are sufficiently secure, e.g. through anti-virus programs, firewalls and systems to detect personal data in various IT systems.
We are responsible for personal data vis-à-vis our customers